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Hawk Mountain 2024 - Merit Badges

The merit badge schedule has just come out for summer camp. Please see attached along with the short description, level of difficulty, and any prerequisites that will need to be completed ahead of arrival or else you might get a partial on that badge.

Please note, if you are taking a class that the time slot is in blue that you will not be able to take either of the yellow slots directly above or below that one as the times overlap. Except for the last period after lunch beginning at 1:30 you can take either the one hour or one and a half hour class. You do not need to list any of the open program badges as they are subject to change.

I will be available this weekend at camp if anyone would like to go over the classes or write down their choices. You can also text me (coping another adult) your schedule listing the time slot and class. I will be registering scouts the morning of March 1st when classes open, if you have not sent me your choices prior to March 1 you might not get the classes you want as they do fill up.

For the new scouts who have never been to Hawk for summer camp, you will be automatically enrolled in the Pathfinder program where you will be working on your advancements of the four lower ranks through first class. You will have an opportunity for two MB's, one at 11:30 and the other after lunch at 1:30. Those scouts will need to send me their choices for those two time slots prior to March 1st.

Important notes: 

  • You cannot take lifesaving if you have not already completed the swimming merit badge before arriving at camp.

  • You need to be at least 14 to take shotgun, there is no age requirement for rifle or archery.

  • There might be a minimum age for welding and metalwork of 14, I need to check with the camp

Mr Carp


Download PDF • 83KB

Download PDF • 98KB

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