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Like all Scout units, Troop 37 has a Committee to support the Scouts in getting the best program possible. The Committee functions very much like the board of directors would at any corporation. One of the central themes of Scouting is that its units are led by the Scouts; the adult leaders are there to provide guidance and appropriate supervision. The Committee, and the parents who make it up, provide administrative support to the Troop organization.

What is the Troop Committee?

When does the Committee meet?

We usually meet on the First Thursday of every month, at 7:30 pm at the Saint Teresa’s Parish House. Due to COVID protocols, we will be meeting using ZOOM until further notice.  Our meetings have a preset meeting agenda and seldom last longer than 90 minutes. Members are always asked by the Committee Chairperson to forward any items they would like to add to the agenda well in advance of the meeting, so we avoid surprises.


All parents of registered Scouts, or interested parents of prospective Scouts, are very welcome and are encouraged to attend.

Who can attend Committee meetings?

What’s an example of a meeting Agenda?

We review Troop finances and upcoming expenses. Our Scoutmaster delivers a summary on the overall condition of the Troop, and can request additional equipment, support, or funding if needed. Upcoming events are discussed in detail and are coordinated, and the Committee ensures that funding and appropriate leadership resources are in place to make those events possible.

Mandatory positions on the Troop Committee include:

  • The Committee Chairperson (CC)

  • The Charter Organization Representative (COR)

  • The Treasurer

  • The Secretary


Registered Adult leaders are default members of the Troop Committee.  All parents are invited and encouraged to join the Committee.

Who can join the Troop Committee?

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