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In 1954 Boy Scout Troop 37 was founded and chartered by Saint Teresa’s R.C. Church in Staten Island, NY. 

The Troop is proud of our 125+ Scouts that have attained Scouting’s highest honor, the rank of Eagle Scout, and of the Troop consistently earning each year the "Journey to Excellence Gold Award" (2011-2019). 

Troop 37 History


We want to thank those who served in the role of Scoutmaster for the time end effort they provided to help develop our outstanding program into what it is today.

  • Rob Pfuhler (Current)

  • Michael Di Trani

  • Scott Holland

  • Michael Di Trani

  • Richard Gundacker

  • Mr. Osowicki

  • Ed Goodell     

  • Frank “Doc” Goodell, Sr.

  • Dick Viens

  • Charlie Sikoryak

  • Ralph Johnson

  • Don McCarthy 

  • Ed Ferdinando 

  • Bob Tickle  

  • Gysbert Quadmann  

  • Tom Kern 

  • William Holland (Original)

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