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Propane Stove Operation

General Safety Information


  • Propane stoves can produce carbon monoxide that has no odor.

  • Using a propane stove in an enclosed area can kill you.

  • Never use a stove in an enclosed space such as a cabin, camper, tent, car or home.

  • Do not leave a lighted stove unattended.

  • Let hot stoves cool before changing cylinders of compressed gas.

  • Bring empty fuel containers home for disposal. Do not place in or near fires.

  • Keep clothing such as jackets or shirt sleeves away from flame and burners .

  • Knowledgeable adult supervision must be provided when Scouts are involved in the use of stoves.


To Set Up

  • Place the stove on a level, secure surface before operating to prevent tipping.

  • Press on latch to open lid and position wind baffles.

  • Insert wire clips into slots.

  • Close both burner valves firmly.

  • Remove regulator from storage position under grate and inspect gasket on the stove connection before use.

  • Remove plastic cap from the top of propane cylinder and screw propane cylinder into regulator into stove hand tight.

To Light


  • When lighting a stove, keep extra fuel cylinders well away.

  • Hold lighted match near burner and then open burner valve.

  • Do not hover over the stove when lighting it. Keep your head and body to one side.

  • Open the stove valve quickly for two full turns and light carefully, with head, fingers, and hands to the side of the burner.

  • Adjust flame with burner valves.

  • Flames should be blue with a hint of yellow on tips.

To Turn Off

  • Close burner valves firmly.

To Store

  • Remove propane cylinder from regulator and replace plastic cap on cylinder.

  • Unscrew regulator from stove and place in storage position.

To Clean

  • Lift off grate.

  • Wipe clean with a soft cloth and mild household cleaner. DO NOT USE ABRASIVES.

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