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Troop 37 News - 10/30/2023

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Good morning. There is a lot going on this week. I am going to send out separate e-mails about Scouting for Food and the Pancake Breakfast. I also have important information about the SUNY Maritime Camp-o-Ree and Philmont, so please keep an eye out. All of this information will also be available on our website, which may be accessed here. As we discussed at the Court of Honor, scouts need to check the website on a weekly basis to see what is required for each meeting.

Parents Committee Meeting- Thursday, November 2 at 7:30. The link may be found here. All parents are strongly encouraged to attend.

Friday, November 3- Merit Badge Meeting at 7:30

Greenbar- there will be a Greenbar meeting at 6:30. All Greenbar members are expected to attend.

  • Class B uniforms

  • Service Patrol- Pink Panthers

  • Program Patrol- Howling Coyotes

IMPORTANT: In order to be admitted to the Troop meeting on Friday, November 3rd, all scouts must bring in a nickle.

Below is a list of Merit Badge counselors in the Troop, the badges they cover, and their e-mail. If you are interested in working on a badge you (THE SCOUT) should contact the counselor to make sure they are going to be at the meeting on Friday. You also MUST read the Merit Badge book before coming to the meeting. You should also print out the Merit Bad Worksheet to aid in your preparation, but it is not a substitute for reading the book.

Mr. Avena- – Athletics, Personal Fitness, Sports

Mr. Carp- – Personal Management, Public Speaking

Mrs. Changoo- - Reading, Scholarship

Mr. Defazio- – Citizenship in the Community, Citizenship in the Nation, Citizenship in the World

Mr. Dilillo- – Electricity, Electronics, Personal Management

Mr. DiTrani- – Backpacking, Camping, Cooking, Emergency Preparedness, Fingerprinting, Hiking, Photography, Search And Rescue, Wilderness Survival

Mr. Gottlieb- – Aviation, Digital Technology, Fingerprinting, Home Repairs, Traffic Safety

Mr. Pfuhler- – American Heritage, Citizenship in the Community, Citizenship in the Nation, Citizenship in the World, Collections, Law, Public Speaking

Mr. Rodriguez- – Automotive Maintenance, Home Repairs, Robotics, Space Exploration

Mr. Shprints- – Coin Collecting, Collections, Cycling, Digital Technology, Fish And Wildlife Management, Fishing Photography, Fly Fishing, Nature, Salesmanship, Snow Sports, Stamp Collecting

Mr. Tuthill- – Chemistry, Woodworking

November Camping Trip- LAST CALL. This is a backpacking trip. On Friday, November 17, we will have our normal Troop meeting, but everyone must come to the meeting with their backpacks packed. We will have a gear shakedown. We will leave our backpacks at the school and return on Saturday morning and backpack to Pouch Camp where we will spend the night in lean-tos. On Sunday, November 19, we will backpack back to the school. Cost for the trip is $30. Permission slip is attached. Payment is due by this Friday, November 3.

December Camping Trip- at the request of the older scouts, we have planned a 14 and over camping trip at Pouch Camp from December 9-10. This is a one-night trip in lean tos/tents. You must by 14 by the time of the trip. Cost is $25. Permission slip is attached. Payment is due ASAP, but no later than Friday, December 1.

Upcoming Events

Thursday, November 2- Parents Committee Meeting at 7:30

Friday, November 3- Regular Troop Meeting/Merit Badge Meeting- Payment Due, Pouch Camp

Saturday, November 4- Scouting for Food, 9 am to noon

Saturday, November 4- Pancake Breakfast Set up- 5 pm- Gym

Sunday, November 5- Troop 37 Pancake Breakfast

Friday, November 10- Regular Troop Meeting at 7:30

Friday, November 17- Regular Troop Meeting- Gear Shakedown

Saturday, November 18 to Sunday November 19- Backpacking Trip, Pouch Camp

Friday, November 24- No Meeting, Thanksgiving Holiday

Friday, December 1- Regular Troop Meeting at 7:30

Friday, December 8- Regular Troop Meeting at 7:30 - Payment Due, 14 and over trip

Saturday, December 9-Sunday December 10- 14 and over trip- Pouch Camp

Friday, December 15- Troop 37 Christmas Party- Lower Church Hall- 7:30

Thanks, Rob Pfuhler Scoutmaster, Troop 37

Download PDF • 123KB
Download PDF • 123KB

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