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Summer Camp Information

We are now just 1 week away from the high point of the scouting year- Hawk Mountain Summer Camp.  This should be all the information you need.  

We will all meet for Mass at Saint Teresa’s on Sunday July 14th at 7:00 am sharp.  We will distribute all Class B t-shirts before Mass.

Please note that Msgr. Belford is concerned about parking for the elderly parishioners attending mass, so if possible, please park on the street.  After Mass is finished and the vehicles are loaded, we will leave for the camp at about 8:30 AM. We will make our annual stop again this year at the Landingville Fire House for a Breakfast Buffet. 

 Families are needed to drive up to the camp with us. There will be a lot of equipment and scouts to transport.

  • All Scouts and leaders will wear the Class B Troop T-shirt up to the camp and Breakfast. We will change into Class “A” once we arrive at camp.

  • Please make sure your son(s) have their bathing suit on under their class B uniform (scout shorts/pants, socks, belt, Troop T-shirt) or readily available (not packed in a trunk) with their towel. They should also have their Class A Uniform shirt and Neckerchief readily available (not packed in a trunk) for as soon as we arrive at camp to take the troop photo.

  • Have a full water bottle to keep on their person as they tour the camp and to use daily to keep themselves hydrated.

  • Tuesday is Order of the Arrow Day.  Members, please bring your sash wear at dinner.

  • Thursday is Hawaiian Shirt Day at Camp if you have a Hawaiian shirt bring it.

  • Be sure to bring Scout Socks Full dress “Class A” uniform. For both camp wide campfires full dress class A uniform including Scout Socks is required.

  • Bring a Hanger to Hang up your Uniform

  • Bring Your Scout Handbook to camp

  • Bring a cup to drink out of

  • Put your name or initials on the labels of all your clothing (especially uniform items)

  • Don’t Bring Valuables or any Electronic Devices (CELL PHONES, Ipod’s, games, phones, radios, etc.) to camp. Leave them at home.

  • Scout spending money is to be placed in an envelope clearly marked with your scouts name and amount contained within. All monies should be in small denominations (we recommend bills no larger than $10). All envelopes will be collected in the parking lot.

With regard to Merit Badges, remember:

[ ] Printout the Merit Badge workbooks - MUST BRING TO CAMP

[ ] Read the Merit Badge requirements

[ ] Read the Merit Badge book

[ ] Complete all required prerequisites as outlined on the Merit Badge worksheet

Driving directions and Parent Info/Packing List are attached.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Rob Pfuhler

Scoutmaster, Troop 37

Boy Scouts of America

Directions-HMSR & Landingville
Download PDF • 41KB

Hawk Mountain Packing List
Download PDF • 323KB

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