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Scout Recruitment

All of you are our best recruiters, so in addition to putting it on social media, please talk to any of your friends that have scout age children. As I have said many times, Boy Scouts is the absolute best youth program in the country, but unfortunately, people outside of scouting do not know what we do or what their sons can get out of it. As I have also said many times, while sports are great, no one (except Shane Gallagher) is going to be a pro. Everyone who is a scout however is going to acquire skills that they are going to use for the rest of their lives. I dropped out of Cub Scouts right before I was old enough for Boy Scouts because I was more interested in playing baseball. As a result of that decision, I can hit a curve ball, however that skill did not help me get into college or get a job, or be a lawyer, etc. I see now that the skills I would have learned had I stuck with scouting would have helped me immensely in my life. And anyway, one of the great things about scouts is that it’s flexible, so you can be a scout and participate in sports, it’s not an either-or proposition. Also, compared to how much youth sports costs, scouts is a far far better value.

So please go out there and see what you can do about getting us some new scouts. It doesn’t matter that you weren’t a cub scout, it doesn’t matter that you’re in 7th or 8th grade, and it doesn’t matter if money is an issue. No one will be turned away because of that. And anyone who gets a new scout to join will get this Recruiter patch:



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