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Philmont Trek 2025

Thank you all for paying your deposits on time.  I submitted payment to Philmony today for 12 scouts and 6 adults.   This gives us 2 treks with 6 scouts and 3 adults each.  For those of you unfamiliar, the 2 treks will be “sister treks”, meaning that we will have the same itinerary and stay at the same camp site each day.  We will just not be hiking together.  I will try to divide the scouts as equally as possible based on age and size, keeping fathers and sons together and, as best as possible, keeping friends together.  I can guarantee that the make up of the treks will not be satisfactory to everyone, but there is no way to achieve that and again, the 2 treks are together with the exception of the time spent actually hiking.


While it will be possible to add additional participants later if anyone else is interested, that may not happen.  Additionally, it is unlikely that any more adults are going to join. As such, we are at the minimum amount of people right now.  Beginning in 2025, Philmont is requiring 3 adults on each Trek, so while I understand things happen, adults, please commit yourself to this.  To that end, Philmont has become very serious about the medical exam you undergo in base camp.  They are strictly enforcing the height/weight limits, although given the adults who are going, this probably only applies to me. For the first time this year they weighed me, and I was thankfully a few pounds under my maximum weight.  On the bus back to Denver from Philmont though, there was a guy with us who they sent home for being overweight.  They also care about blood pressure.  Again, hopefully this only applies to me.  They give you some leeway because of the altitude- your BP needs to be under 160/90.  While that seems like an easy thing to do, my BP, with medication, is generally normal at sea level.  On the last 2 treks I barely got through the medical.


In addition to being in shape to get through the medical, you want to be in shape in general to enjoy the experience.  This usually is not an issue for teenage boys, but for the adults, I would strongly recommend focusing on cardio- run, bike, row, whatever. 


In terms of equipment, we won’t begin going over what you need until next fall, but if you want to get a head start on buying things you need, a copy of the packing list is attached,  If you have any questions about any of, it, please ask me.  There are things on the list which Philmont says are optional which I don’t think are and things they recommend you bring which you don’t need.


In terms of payments, no money is due until next September.  Our next payment to Philmont is due 10/1/24.  Attached is the payment schedule.


Finally, I strongly recommend you purchase and read this book.  It’s pretty short and gives you a great idea of what to expect.


Please let me know if you have any questions.   


Rob Pfuhler

Scoutmaster, Troop 37

Philmont Packing List
Download PDF • 139KB

Philmont 2025.Payment Schedule
Download PDF • 104KB

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