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Merit Badge Meeting - 11/3/2023

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

IMPORTANT: In order to be admitted to the Troop meeting on Friday, November 3rd, all scouts must bring in a nickle.

As you know, next Friday, November 3 is a Merit Badge Meeting. In addition to the usual assortment of Merit Badges available, thanks to the efforts of Mr. Lane, we also have a counselor for the Aviation Merit Badge coming to the meeting. This is an interesting Badge. If you are interested in working on it, I have attached the Merit Badge book. For this, as with all Merit Badges, you need to read the book before starting. I have also attached a copy of the MB worksheet.


Rob Pfuhler

Scoutmaster, Troop 37

Aviation MB Workbook
Download PDF • 138KB

Aviation MB Book
Download PDF • 413KB

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