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February Camping Trip/Snow Tubing

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Good afternoon. 

Because nothing can be easy, I need to address our camping trip scheduled for February 23-25, 2024, now.  The Greenbar originally planned a trip to Resica Falls Scout Reservation in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania for this past February.  The trip was to include snow tubing at Shawnee Mountain on the Saturday of the trip.  When I went to book the cabin last fall, I learned that Resica Falls is extremely popular, and the cabins have to be booked a year in advance.  So, we postponed the trip for a year, and I booked a cabin 12 months in advance and we now have a beautiful 4 bedroom cabin with a working fireplace.  Last week, I called Shawnee to set up a group snow tubing session for Saturday, February 24.  I was advised that there is no group rate on weekends and in fact, you cannot book a group on a weekend, you have to buy individual tickets.  Additionally, I was told that weekends sell out quickly and that week is apparently a vacation week for some schools, so it is going to be very busy.  So, I see no alternative but to buy tickets for snowtubing now.


The cost for snow tubing is $48 per person.  That obviously does not include the normal cost for cabin, food, transportation, etc.  In order to keep the trip as affordable as possible, the Troop will subsidize some of it.  The total cost for the weekend is $75 per person.


If you want to go snow tubing, I would ask that you let me know by this Friday, December 1 and I will register everyone then.  If you let me know after that, I can try to buy additional tickets as space provides.   If you commit to go, I would ask that you pay ASAP.  Permission slip is attached.


Please note that adult leaders are welcome to snow tube.  Please also note that as Resica Falls is about 2 hours away, we need as many ASMs to go as possible, since it’s too far to reasonably ask for volunteer drivers.  If you choose to go and not snow tube, you can adjust the payment accordingly.

I apologize for asking you to make a decision 3 months before the trip, but there appears to be no alternative to doing a different and fun trip over a year in the making.



Rob Pfuhler

Scoutmaster, Troop 37

Snowtubing Waiver
Download PDF • 614KB

Download PDF • 123KB

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