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How to Clean a Cast Iron Dutch Oven

How to Clean a Cast Iron Dutch Oven

• When finished cooking, remove the lid from your oven. Transfer
leftovers to a separate container. Do not use cast-iron cookware for
long term storage.

• Wipe out the oven with a paper towel. For stubborn foods, use hot
water and a nylon “scrubbie” or similar scrub pad (not steel wool) to
remove all food from the pot.

• Place a few cups of clean water in the oven with the lid on and heat
until almost boiling. Never put cold water into a very hot cast iron
oven or pot-
this can weaken or even crack the cast iron. This
damage is permanent. Though very tough, cast iron will break

• Use a plastic scraper, mesh scrubber or coarse bristle brush and NO
Gently break loose the food and wipe away.

• You can also use salt as an abrasive cleaner.

• Never put cast iron into a dishwasher.

• Rinse with warm clean water. Do not allow cast iron to sit in water or
allow water to stand in it or on it. It will rust despite a good coating.

• After cleaning and rinsing wipe it dry and place over stove or coals
heat source to thoroughly dry out the pores. Allow oven to slightly cool so that it is warm to the touch.

• Using a lint free rag, (not a paper towel) apply a thin coat of oil or
conditioner to the inside, underside of lid and outside of oven. Avoid
lard or other animal products. These will spoil and can cause rancidity.

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