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Safety and Good Cooking Habits
for When You're Camping

1. Protect your clothes from spills by putting on an apron; wash your hands.

2. Read the entire recipe carefully.

3. Organize the bowls, spoons, pans and other equipment that you will need.

4. Have all the ingredients for the recipe. Measure ingredients accurately.

5. Follow the recipe instructions when mixing the ingredients.

6. While the food is cooking, put things away and clean up your work area.

7. Stay near your food. If you forget them, the food will cook too long and

8. Turn pot handles away from the edge of the stove so no one will bump the handle and cause pot to spill.

9. Always use potholders when handling hot pans or gloves with Dutch Ovens. Keep all towels, pot holders, clothes and hair away from the flames.

10. As you would at home, be especially careful about handling raw meat.

11. Learn how to use a knife.

12. Have water or fluid in a pan, when placed on the stove. Even if not lit.

13. Use lids on your cooking pots. It decreases cooking time.

14. Practice before trying new recipes in the rain, 20 miles out on the trail.

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