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Cooking with Camp Stove

1. Read the owner's manual. Learn how to properly use your cooking equipment before you actually take it on a trip.

2. Do not use your camp stove in a tent. Always use it in well-ventilated areas.

3. Be very careful with gas canisters. Keep them upright at all times. Keep them outside in a well-ventilated area. Use the right fuels and filter for your cooking equipment. Using "substitutes" is a bad idea unless it is covered in the owner's manual.

4. Never leave the stove unattended. Always turn it off when not in use. DO NOT close or breakdown stove until completely cooled off.

5. Use a windscreen to help the flame resist breezes and drafts. Tinfoil may be helpful as a windscreen. For stove without one. Place it under the burner and it will help to center and direct heat for cooking.

6. Take precautions whenever you install propane cylinders. Never install or remove propane cylinders while the camp stove is near flames, pilot lights or other ignition sources.

7. Never use water on a grease fire or move a pan with burning oil. Hold a lid with an oven mitt and gently place it over the pan until the fire goes out.

8. Use lids on your cooking pots. Be sure to include potholders and cooking utensils in your camp kitchen supplies.

9. Use a stand to keep the camp stove level. Check level by dripping water on griddle. Do not place the stand on frozen ground as the heat can soften the earth, causing the stand to tip. Be particularly careful during dry periods to keep dry leaves and pine needles away from your cooking area.

10. Use a low to medium flame on griddles. High flame (or full speed) will burn whatever you are cooking.

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