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Cooking With a Cast Iron Griddle

■ If using a griddle to cook on a propane stove it’s important that you level the stove as best as possible otherwise your eggs, pancakes or grease will run right of the griddle and into the stove.

■ Try to find a level, stable place to set up the stove, then clear the immediate surroundings of fire hazards like dry leaves and twigs.

■ On the standard two burner stove extend the wind baffles to the up position. Then place the griddle on the stove top.

■ While the stove is still in off position, pour a few drops of water into the center of the cool griddle and see whether it stays in place or if it runs off the griddle.

■ If the drops run off the griddle you need to lift the side where the water ran, by wedging a flat stick(s) or stone(s) under that side of the stove. Complete the above water drop test again and check results, continue until level.

■ Do not use pots, pans, ovens, etc., on this griddle surface.

• Do not use this griddle on a campfire or other open fire.   

• Use this griddle only on the stove for which it was designed.

■ Hold lighted match or lighter near burner and then open burner valve. Do not hover over the stove when lighting it. Keep your head and body to one side. Keep clothing such as jackets or shirt sleeves away from flame and burners. Roll up sleeves before lighting.

■ To Check to see if the griddle is ready-hot enough to cook on- drip a few drops of water onto the griddle and it should dance in place and evaporate if the temperature is warm enough to cook on.

■ Use a low to medium flame on griddles. High flame (or full speed) will burn whatever you are cooking. Most common mistake made while cooking on a griddle.

■ Lightly lubricate the griddle -do not over grease. Be careful when utilizing aerosol cooking spray near flames.

■ Let Cast Iron Griddle cool completely before attempting to clean.

■ Clean griddle in same manner as cast iron.

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